About Hairista Studio | Salon in Hampton, VA

Hairista Studio offers licensed cosmetology skills varying in all areas of cosmetology. From Healthy haircare, trendy nail art, to the best makeup artistry in the Hampton roads area. We’ve got what you need!

From the very beginning business owner, Ebony Gordon envisioned HAIRista as a beautiful acronym meaning ‘Hair is the Accessory’. HAIRista, LLC was born in 2012, and in April 2014, HAIRista Studio opened in Virginia. HAIRista Studio provides exceptional beauty services that are personalized for each client in a relax, modern, and professional atmosphere. HAIRista Studio specializes in healthy hair and flawless hair extensions.

Studio, situated in the Phoebus section of Hampton, VA is a modern and trendy beauty salon that caters to Hampton Road’s most elite clientele. We offer a variety of services for each unique individual ranging from healthy haircare combined with innovative make up trends to eye catching nail art. Our customers can also enjoy the convenience of purchasing professional hair care products and extensions right in the salon. And of course how could we forget those sleek accessories and handbags. 5 North Mallory St. is your one stop beauty shop!

Upon entering the salon our members can expect to be welcomed by friendly and professional staff. A visit at HAIRista Studio is not just an ordinary visit to the salon, it’s an experience where we pride ourselves in healthy hair with an ATTITUDE!