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HAIRista Essentials Leave-in Protein Cream

HAIRista Essentials Leave-in Protein Cream


HAIRista Essentials is the FIRST installment of our healthy hair care product line. HAIRista Essentials is a leave in protein cream formulated to optimize healthy hair and hair growth. HAIRista Essentials is intended for ALL hair types and can be used for Children, Men and Women.

Product Description

-Intense Reconstruction & Hydrator. Restores Hair Structure.
-Instantly heals damage caused by chemicals or the environment.
-Helps to prolong and locks in permanent and demi hair color.
-Blocks humidity. Fights frizz.
-Provides UV & Thermal Protection.
-Ultra-Moisturizing for brittle dry hair, scalp and ends.
-Prevents Chlorine damage.
-Biodegradable & eco friendly

Suggested for: Coarse, Thin, Curly, Multi-texture, and hair extensions.

-Apply a small amount to towel dried hair, comb through, and don’t rinse
-For added shine on extensions, apply a minimal amount directly to hair.
-For a polished look with extra UV protection: Let a dime-sized amount to a quarter sized amount (depending on the thickness and length of your hair) first emulsify in hands then apply to finished style.
-Tame flyaways but using a tiny amount to lock in your style!
-Men can also use in their beard for added moisture and shine.

To optimize healthy hair and hair growth:
-Apply pea-sized amount to freshly trimmed ends. This activates the silk proteins.


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